About Us

Carlins is a small kennel located in Zebulon, North Carolina. We became a Corgi fancier in 1987, when a friend gave us a Pembroke Welsh Corgi after our beloved 16-year-old Shetland Sheepdog passed. We've owned the fun-loving Corgis continuously since thenóor perhaps we should say they've owned us!

We were "just" serious pet owners until Charlie Bear joined our family in 2005. His stunning looks even as a puppy propelled us into the American Kennel Club Conformation Show circuit. Charlie Bear, also known by his registered name Carterhall Captain Crunch, came from Joe and Dora Carter. The Carters have been awesome friends. They patiently taught us how to groom and show him. I handled Charlie Bear's first winóBest of Breed!óduring the 2006 Labor Day shows in Raleigh. Realizing it was beginner's luck and I had more to learn, I let Joe Carter handle him, and Charlie Bear quickly finished shortly after his littermate, Dash. In fact, all four littermates became AKC Champions, which is an awesome accomplishment for the Carters.